"Webcoast's View on Salvador Dali"

A look into the mind of one of the most brilliant artists



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This Not For Profit website is dedicated to the life of Salvador Dali. Here you will find a collection of paintings ranging from his most earliest to his latest works. We hope you enjoy your visit. Sit back and click through the 150 plus paintings we have for your enjoyment.

This collage titled "WebCoast's View on Dali", was created by our graphic artist to fool your imagination and focus your mind. It is a collection of several of Dali's masterpieces. But when you stand back about 10 feet from the picture, something unique happens. Go ahead, give it a try!

No hallucinogens were used in the creation of this collage.

Just pure Dali inspiration!

All scans were done at 800 x 600 High Resolution (32000 colors).
For best results, set your computer's video driver to these settings.
This will give you the proper resolution of each painting.


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